Sometimes often I get confused about happiness and the promises of Christ.

There are several definitions of happiness according to Merriam Webster, and the one that most Americans hold is:
a pleasurable or satisfying experience. 

Depending on our values, we think these things will make us happy: 
marriage, children, wealth, prestige, health, power, sex, pleasure, leisure, revenge, Christ...

But even Christ does not promise this kind of happiness because it's fragile and temporary, based on circumstances. If we trust Christ, he promises something better:
a state of well-being and contentment : joy.

This happiness comes from inner peace and joy that defies circumstances. 

When facing difficulties, it helps if I shift my focus: Instead of simply wanting to get rid of the difficulty, I ask God to strengthen my faith and help me deal with the difficulty in ways that honor Him and give me inner peace and joy.

How has the Lord helped you deal with difficulties in your life? 
Merriam Webster Definition
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  1. This is so timely for me... I've been made more and more aware of how important focus is, and how crucial it is to have it in the right place! Thank you for the encouragement.

  2. These are wise words… Happiness and contentment are two different things. Some want a Jesus drug to keep them on a high when that is not what He promised… He offers His peace to rule in our hearts and that is a joy!

  3. Through the things that happen in my life I have learned to rely on the Lord more and more. I am sure that is why troubles come...God wants us to turn to Him.


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