I Can't Be Happy Unless...

Joy comes from Jesus not circumstances
Someone deeply wounded my heart. I “knew” I couldn’t be happy unless we reconciled. I prayed, pleaded and wept for reconciliation. But the other person wasn’t interested.

Months became years, and finally I realized the situation might never change…so I had to change. 

Max Lucado writes about this: "Are you hoping that a change in circumstances will bring a change in your attitude? If so, you are in prison, and you need to learn a secret of traveling light. What you have in your Shepherd is greater than what you don’t have in life.”(1)

I’d been in prison, letting my happiness rest on fixing something I couldn't fix. Finally, I realized that my Shepherd’s love is greater than my pain. He’s all I need for contentment and joy.

Now I'm learning to “Rejoice in the Lord always" and allow "the peace of God, which transcends all understanding"  to guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:4,7

copyright 2012, Gail Burton Purath
(1) Lucado Inspirational Reader, Copyright 2011, Thomas Nelson
Image: Stockvault

During the time I was dealing with this broken heart, I found these 8 Steps for Overcoming Bitterness helpful.

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  1. Yes, sometimes the best thing is to just let that person go....but how painful that act actually is!
    I just found you via Titus 2sdays.


  2. Wow, I've never thought about discontentment as a prison, but it is. I can clearly see that in my life. Great stuff! :)

  3. Wonderful post! After all, Paul had to pray to learn contentment.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Please join us at The Weekend Blog Hop!

  4. Wow what a life changing post.
    I am wired, genetically (I swear) to just gravitate towards negativity.
    I consider it my burden, something I need to leave at the foot of the cross..and it is SO good to read posts like this that help me along in this walk.

    Thank you for encouraging this soul - it was like a breathe of fresh air.

    Patty from www.fanta4two.com

  5. I wrote a post recently on contentment. It's something I've been struggling with and something I am (slowly) learning. So thankful for God's patience with us!
    Just found you blog hopping. I will have to stick around- following! :)

  6. A lot of my year, so far, has been working on changing things in me so I can be doing better in my relationships - great changes, good growth. This is such an encouraging post, thank you!


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