God Uses Bad People

God Can Use Bad People for Our Good - Genesis 50:20
The Bible is better than any "reality show."

For example, the life of Joseph (Genesis 37-50).

God saw something unique in Joseph's faith, and He planned to develop, test, refine, and use it. 

He looked ahead in history, saw Joseph's brothers planning to kill him and Reuben planning to save him. God didn't want Joseph killed nor did He want him saved. 

So he used Judah's evil plans to sell Joseph to slave traders to get Joseph to Egypt.

God Can Use Bad People for Our Good - Genesis 50:20Next God used an evil woman to get Joseph into prison so he could be in the right place at the right time to fulfill his Ephesians 2:10 purposes (Genesis 37:12-29; Genesis 50:20).

God used bad people to change the course of Joseph's life and the course of history.

Now let's apply this to our lives.

Do you think people who deceive, oppress, hate, slander, curse, defame, mislead, accuse, wound, etc. have won?

Think again.

If you're seeking God, He has a plan (Romans 8:28).
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  1. I really needed to hear this today!!! Thanks, Gail!!!

  2. I need this also!!much for me to think about

  3. I need this, too! thanks Gail.


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