This Isn't Love

1 John 3:9, loving Christ means turning from our sins
If a wife had a wonderful husband who treated her with love, gentleness and kindness, we'd be surprised if she had multiple affairs, didn't spend time with him, and showed him disrespect.

We'd never tell her it didn't matter how she treated him because he would probably forgive her. We'd tell her she had some serious changing to do.

Sometimes this logic is missing in our relationship with Christ when we:

  • Have "spiritual affairs" putting our selfish desires above God's. 
  • Neglect our quiet time because we're "too busy." 
  • Disrespect Christ's commands and excuse our sins.
  • Tell ourselves it's okay because God is so loving that He'll forgive us.
We can be sure that continuing in sin without remorse and repentance isn't love for Christ at all (1 John 3:9). If we're doing it, we have some serious changing to do.


  1. Powerful. How many times in the Old Testament did God equate Israel's unfaithfulness as being the same as an unfaithful spouse? We Christians are the same way.


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