The Holy Spirit is Our "Divine Translator" - John 16:13

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The Holy Spirit teaches, counsels and reminds us of God's Words...

You need a Translator! And so do I.

When I give seminars in Budapest, Hungary, my translator of choice is my friend Edina. 

Since she’s Hungarian, she knows Hungarian language and culture. But she’s also lived and taught school in America so she’s fluent in English and has a good knowledge of American culture. 

In addition, she’s a Christian, so she understands the Christian concepts I share. 

Good translation is a complex mixture of culture, grammar and subject matter. It’s far more than simply knowing vocabulary. 

That's why we need a Divine Translator. The Holy 
Edina Translating for last year's Blog workshop
Spirit knows our language and God's language (2 Corinthians 2:10-16), so He makes Christ's ways known to us (John 16:13), counsels, teaches and reminds us (John 14:26). 

We’re born “foreigners” to God’s ways because we have a fallen human nature. We must depend on the Spirit who understands our culture but Who’s fluent in the “culture” and Words of God. 

If you'd like to study the Holy Spirit a bit more, check out this week's Bite Size Bible Study HERE. And please pray for next month's blogging workshop--that God will use it to raise up Hungarian Christian bloggers to spread God's Word in Hungarian on the internet.

Artwork background: Billy Frank Alexander

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  1. Hi Gail! What an interesting life you have! Wow. Giving conferences in foreign countries, that's incredible. Love the photo of you and your translator.

    I was actually working on a blog post on this very subject. Thank the Lord for his Spirit, who interprets for us, especially when we don't know what to pray.

    Blessings to you, my talented friend!


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