Addressing the Error of Evolution

Evolution is a dogma dictatorially enforced despite the strong evidence against it. This collection of devotions explains.

These 1-Minute devotions explore the error of evolution and the way it has been used to undermine Christian Creation beliefs.

Scripture Warns of Scoffers
Did you know Scripture Warns that People Will Scoff at God as Creator?
The Bible Says they are Without Excuse
According to Scripture, most people are fools when it comes to origins.The Bible says they're without excuse. This 1-minute devotion explains.

Nothing Magically Evolved
Evolution is a religion. No matter what evolutionists claim, they need a great deal of faith to believe it.

Why Our Beliefs about Evolution Matter
What we believe about our origins has a huge impact on everything in our lives. This 1-minute devotion explains.
Do You Believe in Devolution? It’s a fact, not a theory.
Evolution or devolution? One is a fact, one is a weak theory. This 1-minute devotion explains.

Popular Evolution, Unpopular Creation
Are you overwhelmed by the vast majority of scientists who believe in evolution? This 1-minute devotion will be helpful.

“Dumb” Things Christians Believe.
On Darwin's 200th birthday, Newsweek called Christians "Dumb." Newsweek represents what the Bible calls "fools." This 1-minute devotion explains.

Intelligent Design and Unintelligent Theories.
Where is the wise man of this age? Evolution has created a theory of foolishness that defies the evidence.

The Honest See.
Two atheists are confronted with Truth. Two different outcomes, but both prove God's existence. This 1-minute devotion explains their true stories.
Use Your Brain – Rude Atheist Arguments.he Atheist Told me He knew God doesn't exist and I should use my brain. This 1-minute devotion explains who first made that argument.

How Coke Evolved from a Rock!!  
You have to read it before making up your mind. It's actually similar to the theory of evolution.

4 Reasons Evolution Never Happened  
Some Christians believe in Theistic Evolution, but these 4 things prove that you can't believe Scripture and believe in Evolution.
Some Seek Truth. Some Suppress it.
Scripture says anyone who rejects Christ has "No Excuse." This 1-minute devotion explains.

We Can't Shut Up.
The Staff of the Smithsonian Natural History Museum wanted our guide to shut up! This is a 5-minute devotion instead of the usual 1-minute.



This 1-minute devotion explains why evolution is more an ideology than a scientific belief.
In 19th-century France, an older gentleman and young college student met on a train. Historic, enlightening, and humorous.

A short series of 1-minute devotions discussing unbelief and evolution.

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