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Most Christians believe in micro-evolution - adaptations within a species, something we observe in nature. 

Theistic evolutionists believe God created using macro-evolution, something never observed in nature. 

Macro-evolution theorizes that life came from a series of mutations, mistakes, and death, with man starting as an animal. 

But claiming God created via this evolutionary process contradicts Scripture. 

The Bible says: 

1. God spoke things into existence (Genesis 1; 2 Peter 3:3-7). Theistic evolutionists believe God merely started a random process.  

2. God created the world "very good" from the beginning (Genesis 1:31). Mutations (necessary for macro-evolution) are mostly bad

 3. God created man uniquely in His image to rule over creation (Genesis 1:26-28). Macro-evolution says man is a mutation from a lower life form. 

4. Adam's sin brought death into the world requiring Christ's redemption (Romans 5:12) . Theistic evolution is based on millions of years of death before Adam, negating* the purpose of Christ's redemption. 

Macro-evolution is a theory, and micro-evolution is not a proof for it. Let's believe God's Word! 
*Or at least greatly altering the meaning and denying multiple Scripture passages 
Theistic Evolution 
Theistic Evolution - short response

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