Porno is Porno

There is an increasing acceptance of pornography even among Christians. This 1-minute devotion explains the damage done by ungodly entertainment and shares Biblical wisdom.  #BibleLoveNotes #Shadesofgrey #Bible

The book and movie Shades of Grey represent the increasing acceptance of pornography in modern culture, but Scripture calls it harmful immorality...

An aquaintance told me she was shocked when she downloaded Fifty Shades of Grey to her Kindle. Her friend recommended it, but she found it "profane."(1)

Surprisingly, this book about sadomasochistic sex became so popular among mainstream women that it was dubbed "mommy-porn." 

To make things worse, some professing Christians came out defending it.
Sometimes modern-day Christians see things in shades of gray when they are actually black and white, and this “mommy-porn” is one example.

No shades of gray here: We should not be entertaining ourselves with anything that glorifies immorality. It doesn’t enhance our relationship with God or our husband, no matter what anyone says.

We mock God’s design when we enjoy books or movies that glorify illicit sex in any form, but especially when associated with bondage. 

According to the Los Angeles Times, studies show that books and movies like Fifty Shades of Grey promote violence against women. But even if they didn't promote violence, they damage our souls.

It’s black-and-white: Women who sow to please their sinful nature, will reap destruction (Galatians 6:7-8).

May we glory in godly womanhood, in clean sexual pleasure within the context of love and marriage, as God designed it...not as man has perverted it.

These verses show how black-and-white this issue is to Bible-believing Christians:
(1) To treat something sacred with vulgarity, disrespect, or contempt


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There is an increasing acceptance of pornography even among Christians. This 1-minute devotion explains the damage done by ungodly entertainment and shares Biblical wisdom.

Pornography has become so prevalent that Christians no longer look at it Biblically. This 1-minute devotion warns us to reject this mindset. #BibleLoveNotes #Devotions #Bible #50shadesofgray

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  1. Great article. Superb bible verses. Thank you so much

  2. I am so happy to see this post. I often get criticized for going against this book and movie, but God's opinion is so much more important. It seems like I can't get away from it anymore. Even Ellen DeGeneres talks about it on her show day after day, which makes me sad because the show used to be good, clean humor. We need to start paying attention to better forms of entertainment.

    1. What can one expect from a person who is sexually immoral?

  3. "Be not conformed to this world." I love your article!

  4. I have not read this book but I have read so much negative reactions from many women.
    I am grateful for this insight.

    I guess I will not venture into purchasing let alone reading the book.

    God Bless and thanks for sharing at the link up.

    1. It's horrible written. I couldn't pass the first page. It's BAD literature.

  5. I am thankful to read such negative reviews and comments on this book/movie. I have not, and will not, read or watch such... and I have been shocked and very disappointed that this is even a needed rebuke for people in general... and especially for Christian women who should know better. Thank you for writing this.

    1. I agree with you. I will not read or watch this stuff. I was surprised to find out Christian women are.

  6. Thank you for this. I have been going through much weariness after warning a woman who asked me to mentor her about this movie.
    She informed me she had read all the books and that it was a rescue love story. It went ugly fast.
    The backlash was huge and I really began to believe her -she was telling me I was I was judging her, when really it was out of love. I warned her about the movie and what it would plant in her.
    She not only ' unmentored ' me, but also unfriended me. And dragged several other new believers into the field to hate me too. Tough stuff.
    Clinging to God and asking for strength to continue to speak the truth in love.(even when you know it can lead to persecution.)

    1. I'm glad you stood firm, Kimmie.
      I'm sorry that this other woman is deceived by this movie/books.
      and I'm sorry you were persecuted for it.
      You did the right thing.
      The right thing is often the hard thing.

  7. Is people like you the world need to be saved. Someone who will tell the truth as it is.
    Thanks for educating and rebuking us on this. Pornography is a strong hold to one's life that destroyes completely.
    God bless you

  8. A friend received the book from her daughter in Australia as a gift .... she was horrified when she opened the book. Her daughter apologized as she had no idea of the content. We can be so fooled by a cover.

  9. It's absolutely true.Your body is the temple of God so you must keep it neat and clean. No one can afford to mutilate it and then seek God's grace for any reason especially when there is a need for children's good health and success.A pornography lover cannot have her prayers answered until a proper confession is made so why watch things for which we have to make confessions? A good mother has a duty to keep the house clean so that the Holy Spirit resides there and stands beside the members of that house in all circumstances.So take care of the real power without which every move made to ensure the prosperity of the family is likely to go in vain.Thanks for decision of not watching vulgar movies and images.

  10. It is shocking that even some apparent Christians would read such books. Indeed, no shades of gray from God, His Word is very clear.

  11. Considering the publicity concerning this book there can be no excuse or justifiable explanation why a christian woman would choose to read it. It is well known that pornography is ripping families and marriages apart. It is an addiction which is causing the breakdown of marriages, children to lose their homes and spiralling debt.It has been reported this week that a large proportion of pornographic images are posted by young children on social media. Is this the message we are sending to our young children , this is what you are worth?!