4 More Half-Truths Many Christians Believe (5-8)

4 More Half-Truths Many Christians Believe - part 2 in a series

This is second in the series "Half-Truths Christians Believe.

Mark Twain said, "A half-truth is the most cowardly of lies." 

Half-truths are more dangerous than outright lies, and Satan, the father of lies, has been using them from the time he tempted Eve. 

He told Eve that she would be like God, knowing good from evil. That was half true. (For more on Satan's tactics when tempting Eve and tempting Jesus, see: Half-Truths Are More Deceptive.)

Yes, half-truths have always troubled the Christian community and only as we carefully study God's Word can we avoid them. 

So take a look at the four half-truths below. At first glance, you might agree with them, but I encourage you to study each with an open mind and an open Bible.

Please read the linked devotions and the Scriptures they reference. Thanks!  To read part 1: Half Truths 1-4.

Half-truth #5: God loves me just the way I am.

God accepts us just the way we are, but He is not content to leave us there. These links explain why:
Have Christians Forgotten How Much God Hates Sin?
We're No Longer Dead Men

Half-truth #6: Good works have no place in the Christian life because we’re saved by grace.

Christians have a major mental block when it comes to separating the elements of salvation and the elements of life in Christ. These links explain why:
Faith + Nothing = Salvation + Works
The Place of Good Works
Salvation Through Grace, Works Through Love
Works is Not a Dirty Word

Half-truth #7: God sees all sins the same.

If you say something often enough, people begin to think it's true. That's why this is such a popular half-truth. Any sin will send a man to Hell if he doesn't accept Christ, and any sin (except one) can be forgiven. But that is where the equality of sins ends. Scripture differentiates between sins for good reasons. These links explain more:
All Sins Are Not the Same
Lies Some Christians Believe - All Sins are the Same
3 Earthly Consequences of Sin

Half-truth #8: God sees all Christians the same.

Our culture has decided that a "fair" God sees the least devoted Christian the same as the most devoted. Scripture doesn't agree. These links explain why:
A Trophy for Everyone?
Those Who Earnestly Seek Him
Dusty Mirrors 

4 More Half-Truths Many Christians Believe - part 2 in a series

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