Paper, Pen, Prayer & Learning Style

This 1-minute devotion encourages us to use our learning style to enhance and enrich our Quiet Time.

God created each of us with unique skills and learning styles. No two people are exactly alike, but we generally fall into one of these three categories:
  • Visual learners—learning best through pictures, hand-outs, and written text. 
  • Auditory learners—learning best through lectures, discussions, and reading aloud. 
  • Kinesthetic learners—learning best through hands-on training, role-playing, drawing, etc.

Since prayer and Bible study require concentration, it's helpful to employ our learning styles when developing quiet time habits.

Auditory learners benefit most from reading Scripture aloud or discussing passages with a friend or in a group.

I'm a visual/kinesthetic learner, and I love creative journaling.

When I study a passage, I also like to record cross references, questions, thoughts, and applications.

It's important to be devoted to prayer and deliberate about Bible study (Colossians 4:2; 2 Timothy 2:15).  

So let's use our learning style to grow stronger in our faith.

This 1-minute devotion encourages us to use our learning style to enhance and enrich our Prayer life.
What helps you understand and remember Bible truths? What helps you maintain a faithful prayer life? Use your natural skills and learning styles to draw closer to the Lord. 

💙 Beyond 1-minute for those who want more 💙 

At the right, I've shared some of my drawings which help me  remember biblical principles 🠞

I hope they will give you ideas for your own Bible journaling! ~ Gail

For a more in-depth look at this type of Bible journaling, see Creative Bible Study. For inspiration to do regular Bible journaling, see 8 Reasons to Journal.

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This 1-minute devotion encourages us to use our learning style to enhance and enrich our Quiet Time.

Bible Love Notes


  1. Helpful ideas...I'm trying to figure out which is my learning style, and I'm sure it is a combination. I'm thinking it is Auditory and Visual, but then, I know I learn when I write things down. So, maybe I'm a combination of all three! (I'm a complex woman - lol) I've discovered that I am able to "get more out" when I write down my prayers. I like to see the words on, I take longer to write than I do to speak, so my thoughts are more detailed when I write.

    Blessings, Joan

  2. Very interesting idea. I hadn't thought about using my learning style in improving my prayer life. Thanks, Gail!

  3. Love the idea; never really thought about it before, but I might give it a try. Beautiful pictures, and thank you for the inspiration!
    God bless, Ashley

  4. thank you so much for this idea. I hope I can share what I learned for your article, so others can be inspired as well. God bless you and all you do. I am a teacher in a seminary and this can help me. Thanks again.

  5. This got me thinking what is my learning style? I never thought of it before. It was interesting and helpful to help improve my prayer life. Thanks for the encouragement.

  6. Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing! One thing that helps me remember the Scriptures is to sing them. There are many great songs on YouTube that are just Scripture. Seeds Family and also Scripture Lullabies have beautiful songs. Shane and Shane do some too and are among my favorites. My granddaughter is six and she loves The Rizers.

    1. Thanks for mentioning this, TnNan. I totally agree. I learned so many Scriptures from singing them.

  7. You're welcome, Gail. God bless you tonight.