The Frozen Chosen

A.D. 320, Roman Empire:

Forty Christian warriors refused to obey Imperial orders to worship pagan gods. 

To force their submission, the commander stripped them of their clothes and made them stand on a frozen pond.

For hours the men praised God while guards on shore shouted that warm baths awaited any who recanted. 

In the middle of the night, one man crawled to shore. 

But their number was soon restored when a guard proclaimed his faith, tore off his clothes and joined the thirty-nine. 

The next morning forty frozen warriors were ushered into Glory.

Few of us will die for Christ, but will we live for Him? Will we speak truth in the face of icy criticism? When we hear of persecuted Christians "standing naked on the frozen pond", will we blanket them in prayer? Will we give to God's work even if it costs us a warm bath? 
I researched this true story after hearing Ann Graham Lotz share it on a radio program.  

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