Isaiah 61:11, Jesus the Living Water, our daily need for living water, John 7:38
Each summer I buy a flowering plant to hang on my front porch. It brings me a great deal of pleasure even though I must water it daily

When I water it, I know it's had enough when the water begins to drip from the bottom of the planter and water the plant below it.

If I miss a day, the leaves begin to wilt and the flowers droop. 

If I wait two days, some of the leaves and flowers lose their color and die.

Similarly, we're God's garden. Without "Living Water," we also wilt, become unproductive, and gradually lose our "life."

When Christians get dehydrated, we act the same, speak the same, and have the same goals and values as the dying plants around us.

But Jesus says: "He who believes in Me ... 'From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.'" John 7:38 NASB

Let's drink Living Water today until it overflows and waters the other plants around us!

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  1. Love this comparison, Gail. So very true. Thanks for sharing your heart each day. I look forward to it each morning!


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