Why I Don't Steal

Why I Don't Steal

If my conscience didn’t bother me, I’d probably break the Eighth Commandment and steal. 

Not shop lifting or robbing banks, but keeping the extra change...letting the waiter forget to charge for dessert....using copyrighted materials on my blogs...fudging on my taxes. 

But my conscience bothers me…I just can’t do it. 

It’s natural for us to feel guilty when we violate God’s commands because a sense of right and wrong is written on our hearts (Romans 2:15). And when we become Christians, Christ gives us new hearts that are even more sensitive to sin. We don't want to sin because we love Christ.

I’m glad my conscience bothers me. It’s a sign that I have Christ’s spirit. If I quit listening to my conscience, it "fades" and loses it's power in my life. When a person ignores her conscience long enough, she loses all understanding of sin (1 Timothy 4:2).

So take time today to thank God for your conscience. It's one way He warns us to keep our fingers from the flames!

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Why I Don't Steal


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