Filling Our Minds With Life

Filling Our Minds With Life -  Resources for Scripture Memory

Our minds are filled with memorized words, most of which we’ve learned simply by repetition – nursery rhymes, song lyrics, advertising jingles, etc.

And many of those words are useless wastes of brain space.

But they illustrate something good: whatever we hear repeatedly becomes part of us. 

That means we can retain wonderful, life-giving words through repetition.

Even if you aren’t good at memory work, you can memorize naturally.

And it's always valuable to "hide God's Word in our hearts" (Psalm 119:11).

Some suggestions:

5 Practical Ways to Memorize Scripture Easily1. Write a verse on a 3x5 card and put it on your nightstand or bathroom mirror to read each morning and evening.

2. Slip a Scripture card into your pocket or purse to read when waiting for a bus, meeting, or appointment.

3. Recite a Scripture together as a family whenever you get in the car or sit down for a meal.

4. Memorize with a friend so you have some accountability.

5. Listen to Scripture on headsets while exercising or doing house or lawn work.

If you have other ideas for "painless" memorization, please share them in a comment. Thanks!
For some additional ideas and Scriptures to memorize for specific situations, check out today's Bite Size Bible Study.
Other 1-minute devotions with ideas and encouragement for memorizing Scripture:
Viral Video
5 Practical Ways to Hide God’s Word in Your Heart


  1. This sounds so doable! I have trouble memorizing!

  2. I memorize scripture through songs

  3. As most of us spend a lot of time on our phones, I have found that if we put a verse on our phones, or computers, when we turn them on, we are reminded of that scripture as well.

  4. I find that praying Scripture verses for myself and others repeatedly enables me to memorize the verses as a "side effect".

  5. I have (2) apps on my phone that I enjoy playing and it really helps you memorize and know your bible. VERSED and ULTIMATE BIBLE QUIZ.I find them addictive and fun to play. Check them OUT! ✔ be blessed!😊

  6. I have (2) apps that I find are very interesting and helpful to memorizing scriptures, verses etc. VERSED and ULTIMATE BIBLE QUIZ. I personally think they're addictive.

  7. This arrived at the most perfect time as my goal is to memorize 52 scriptures this year on hope. Thanks so very much!

  8. Great ideas! Thank you~ Not only is it helping us to memorize, but we are utilizing our time more wisely and not wasting the time and space with stuff we don't need. Just from reading the list, we have plenty of opportunities in our day to read scripture; even if we do it through audio apps on our phone while doing chores.

    NOTE: If you have an Echo Dot or something comparable, you can ask her to read the bible.

  9. Good morning everyone. As a Divinity student, I discovered early on when I had to take test that required me to recall Scriptures; I would create a song using the scriptures as the lyrics for the song. By giving the Scripture I needed to learn a melody, it became easier to remember it.

  10. There’s an app called “echo” for prayer lists, and you can use it for reminders. I have it set to remind me through my day to pray for this or that. You can use it (or another timer or reminder method) to alert you at specific times to read memory scriptures.

    1. Happy Wednesday Deborah. I will check the app out....blessings.

  11. This is truly a great ideal. I have a hard time memorizing, so this is really helpful.

  12. I have to change my password frequently at work, and use scripture as a password, such as Col3:2. It helps me memorize the verse for a period of time, and I never run out of passwords!

  13. i do number two every day......I try to memorize a whole chapter usually. I run off a couple copies in the library(i don't have a printer) and i keep it folded in pockets of coats, purses, books(for a bookmark). Every moment that is not otherwise engaged i am reading and repeating it. it has worked well....

  14. There's a app called BibleMe, it's really interactive.

  15. As others have said, singing worship songs is a marvellous way to not only fill our spirit, but our mind with Truth!


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