Sin and Typewriters

1 John 1:9-10, Confessing sin, calling God a liar, excusing sin
I have an old Hungarian typewriter.

But I gave my grandchildren instructions not to play with it because I know how excited and careless they can get. They're kids after all.

The other day while standing near the typewriter, my 4-year-old grandson looked me in the eye and said, "Grammy, sometimes my hand just moves over there and plays with that typewriter."

I tried not to laugh and told him he would have to control that hand. 

His confession is a humorous illustration of the excuses we fallen humans use. My little munchkin didn't really admit fault. It was his hand that was the problem, not his heart.

We're masters at excusing, sidestepping, and contorting the truth. I see it in areas of "group think" when people justify things that contradict the facts and on a personal level when we excuse our sins.

1 John 1:9-10 tells us that whenever we excuse or redefine sin, we're calling God a liar -- a sober warning to call sin, "sin."

If you want to see a post on the flea market where I bought this old typewriter, it's HERE. Early on, I did decor posts on Bible Love Notes, but not anymore.

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