Thou Shalt Not ... Maybe

We must stand for God's Moral Truths even if we stand alone
Results of the "New Morality"...

"Against the traditional concept that God wants men to conform to a fixed divine design, the new morality stakes it's case on the idea that God would prefer men to make their own responsible decisions." Time Magazine, "The New Commandment: Thou Shalt Not--Maybe" 12-13-71 

Forty-some years have passed since this Time article introduced the "new morality."

For forty-some years men have defined their own moral code, and divorce, rape, abortion, child pornography, sexually-transmitted diseases, child abuse, homosexuality, and transgenderism have dramatically increased.

The book of Judges also records this "new morality" in Israel's history when "everyone did as they saw fit" (Judges 21:25). 

Today, as in the time of the Judges, God needs truth-speakers like the prophet Samuel who grieved and prayed for the people's hearts. Then, he firmly and lovingly stood for what was right, even when he stood alone. 

I recently read Dobson's When God Doesn't Make Sense and that is where I found the mention of this Time Magazine article. Although Dobson's book is 20 years old, I recommend it. It is more relevant than ever.

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We must stand for God's Moral Truths even if we stand alone


  1. This and "God wants us to be happy" teachings are so prevalent among American believers. How do we stand against it and not be divisive within a church family?

  2. "'God needs truth-speakers", that really caught my attention. God has been bringing this to my attention lately, not because I don't do this but because I need to do it more often. Sometimes I believe that in trying to speak the truth about God and what his teachings are, we become overly concerned with not offending others, but the truth of this matter is that the Gospel is an offensive and divisive message. The Gospel shows us just how "messed up" we really are and we certainly don't want to come face to face with that. As Christians we have to try our best to live out, speak out, and stand up for the truth, but always with love and respect for others. Thanks for sharing this awesome post!


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