Fools & Foolishness

The first three 1-minute devotions are part of a series offering warnings about foolishness from the book of Proverbs. The other devotions also address fools and foolishness as it applies to various aspects of life.


3 Ways to Identify a Fool

Fools spurn, dishonor, and spout. Let's examine our hearts and make sure we aren't acting like fools! 😝

3 More Aspects of Foolishness

Touchy, wasteful, and like-minded. 😜


3 Sins of Fools

Fools are deceived in three ways and one of their deceptions empowers all of the others. 😆


The following 1-minute devotions are not part of the "Fool Series" but they address foolishness as well:

Fools, Anger, and Repentance

Do you ever lose your temper? This devotion offer some helpful Bible verses we all should know. 😠


Fool’s Names and Fool’s Faces 

There's no shortage of "authorities" and celebrities who use their names and faces to proclaim foolishness! 😎



Proud Fools- God Can Use Atheists to Teach Christians 

It's interesting how God can use some of the most unlikely circumstances to make us better Christians. 🙉

Don’t Believe Anything that Contradicts Scripture 

This 1-minute devotion offers an important warning and important solution for avoiding false teachings that contradict Scripture. 😕


He is No Fool Who Gives What He Cannot Keep 

This 1-minute devotion shares 5 ways that we wrongly celebrate foolishness. It includes a quote by a famous missionary. 😌


The Bible Says they are Without Excuse According to Scripture, most people are fools when it comes to origins. The Bible says they're without excuse. This 1-minute devotion explains. 😳

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