Forgiving the Murderer of a Loved One - Only Possible With Christ's Help

Forgiveness, Karla Faye Tucker, Ron's sister Deborah
We think forgiveness deprives us of our human dignity when it actually restores it.

Karla Faye Tucker, infamous Houston murderer, brutally killed Ron’s sister Deborah. 

Deborah and Ron were especially close, and her murder left him enraged and consumed with bitterness for years afterward. Ironically, his life became characterized by the same things that characterized Tucker’s life: drugs and alcohol. 

But one night when he got high, Ron began reading the Bible and was struck by the brutal crucifixion of Christ. He gave his life to Christ that night, knowing he’d have to forgive Tucker. But Ron did more than that.

Before Karla Faye was executed by lethal injection, Ron became a regular visitor to her prison cell, encouraging her in her new-found faith in Christ. Karla knew she didn’t deserve Ron’s forgiveness, but Ron's dignity became "God-sized" when he gave it.
Journey of Hope: Ron Carlson

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  1. This is an outstanding example of "God Sized" Dignity through forgiveness. Thank you Gail...and good morning!!

  2. Simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. This reminded me of the song Forgiveness by Matthew West. Touching story


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