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The latest Bible Love Note....important truths to know.

These posts share important truths from God's Word, truths that are often misunderstood, distorted, and discredited. Make sure you understand what the Bible teaches.

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Some important truths about pride, truths from God's Word.

Pride Comes before Destruction

When culture takes pride in things contrary to God's commands.

Enjoy the Differences

Sometimes we need to state the obvious, if you know what I mean!

What the Bible Teaches

This devotion shares what the Bible teaches about one of the hottest topics in our culture. It's important that we not be confused about this subject. Have you figured out the subject? Read the devotion!

Comparing Apples and Oranges

Actually, this false teaching about a popular subject might be comparing apples to avocados! Check it out and see what I mean.

A Letter from a Reader

Yes, this reader used some rare arguments and some popular arguments to defend something that God's Word rejects. Check it out.

This articles explains 4 explanations a Christian can give when they are called "hateful" because they believe biblical commands.

Some subjects are best presented on the Know the Truth page instead of shared directly. Sharing them this way is something we do in obedience to Matthew 10:16.

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  1. This is needed at this time! Christians are blindly following along with the current Pride message all the while being guilty of accepting what Jesus says is a different 'gospel' that's not His! We need revival!