4 Things Promoted in False Teachings

Beware of false teachings that promote any of these 4 beliefs and behaviors.

Even though most of us don't use words like
eisegesis and exegesis, we approach Scripture one of two ways:

⮞ We start with a belief and try to manipulate Scripture to fit our belief (eisegesis).

⮞ We start with Scripture and base our beliefs on what it teaches (exegesis).

False teachings are always based on eisegesis, and they often fit into one of these categories:

1. Teachings that promote selfishness.

See We Need It: Self-Denial.

The gospel is about self-denial and putting others first. Selfish teachings include avoiding difficult relationships and focusing on wealth, health, and the easy life. We need to remember Matthew 10:38.

2. Teachings that deny God's justice.

See God Punishes.

When human beings believe they are too good to be punished, they claim that only an evil God would punish evil men. This leads to the false belief of  universal salvation. We need to remember Romans 3:12.

3. Misunderstandings about proverbs and figurative language.

See A Proverbial Mistake and Recognizing Figurative Language in Scripture.

A number of false teachings are based on taking proverbs or other figurative language out of context. We need to remember 2 Timothy 2:15.

4. Teachings that de-emphasize sin.

See Cheap Grace and Rejecting Cheap Grace.

Jesus doesn't forgive His followers so we can sin freely. He forgives us because salvation enables us to live godly lives. We need to remember Romans 6:1-2 and Titus 1:1.   

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Beware of false teachings that promote any of these 4 beliefs and behaviors.
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