Divine Appointment in Timbuktu!

When Steve Saint found himself stranded in Timbuktu,(1) a young man named Nouh agreed to take him to a local missionary to help him procure transportation.

Nouh was a Christian convert who'd been beaten and disowned by the Islamic community. His own mother had tried to poison him.

Reading Christian biographies had encouraged and strengthened Nouh's faith.

He told Steve, "My favorite was about five young men who willingly risked their lives to take God's Good News to Stone Age Indians in the jungles of South America ... these men let themselves be speared to death, even though they had guns!"(2)

Can you imagine Nouh's surprise when Steve explained that one of those men was his father, Nate Saint? 

But Nouh was not the only one blessed that day.

Steve had been struggling with the purpose of his father's death and this meeting gave him confidence that his father's witness was touching lives all the way to Timbuktu!


(1) Timbuktoo, often used to describe the uttermost parts of the earth, is a city in the West African nation of Mali
(2) For more details of this story that happened in 1986 and other interesting stories from the lives of Steve and Ginny Saint, check out "Walking His Trail."   You can also read about Steve's life in his book End of the Spear.
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