8 Narcissist Problems

These are 8 problems that narcissists have. Sadly, these problems are becoming more common. This 1-minute devotion describes each problem and the Biblical solution.

Our culture is devolving, taking on more and more narcissistic* characteristics.

This is partly due to dis-proven self-esteem philosophies, and partly due to man's tendency to resist God's ways.

Below are 8 narcissistic characteristics and

✤ 8 Christian characteristics with Scripture.

It's good to periodically examine ourselves and let God's Word correct us (James 1:22-252 Timothy 3:16-17).

1. The narcissist refuses criticism.
✤ The Christian listens and heeds constructive criticism - Proverbs 15:31.
See: Accepting Correction Collection 

2. The narcissist uses people.
✤ The Christian considers others better than himself - Philippians 2:1-4.
See: Others First 

3. The narcissist exaggerates her importance, achievements and talents.
✤ The Christian has a realistic view of herself (Romans 12:3).
See: Bragging is Not Biblical

4. The narcissist expects special consideration.
✤ The Christian focuses on treating others considerately (Romans 12:10).
See: 18 Characteristics of Biblical Love

5. The narcissist requires constant attention.
✤ The Christian draws attention to God, not self (Psalm 103). 
See: Self Esteem or God Esteem 

6. The narcissist is often jealous.
✤ The Christian rejoices when others succeed (Romans 12:15).
See: God Hates Epicaricacy 

7. The narcissist disregards people's feelings and lacks empathy.
✤ The Christian treats others as he wants to be treated (Matthew 7:12).  
See: Empathy

8. The narcissist is obsessively selfish.
✤ The Christian denies himself (Matthew 16:24).
See: Will You Give up your Seat? 

source: Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Why is Narcissism Increasing

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These are 8 problems that narcissists have. Sadly, these problems are becoming more common. This 1-minute devotion describes each problem and the Biblical solution.

These are 8 problems that narcissists have. Sadly, these problems are becoming more common. This 1-minute devotion describes each problem and the Biblical solution. #BibleLoveNotes #Bible #Narcissism


  1. Deep ideas to contemplate upon.

  2. A sound list of important points. That's why we Catholics do (or should do) an examination of conscience every day. Always have done; nothing new here, but always worth reinforcing in our daily lives. What could I have done better today? What did I do today that was not ideal? How can I do better tomorrow?

    1. Sadly Narcissists do not have much of, if any conscience, its that what makes them what they are, Sociopathic, having split that part of the brain/mind away from normal functioning at a very young age. The problem with most fold in Church, is they are not able to comprehend the lack of something that they barely recognise in themselves, hence we expect everyone to have a conscience. many of the historic abuses within the Catholic and other Churches, including child abuse, would have been done by Narcissists, who see people as nothing more than appliances to be used for their own gratification, no amount of examination other than pretend examination to please the church, will actually happen.

  3. It's sad that some Christians are unable to ever apologize or even consider that they could be wrong in their views or words......narcissists love to control and bully then deny doing it....they don't like people who disagree with them.....so sad.....so self righteous...even pastors do this.

    1. The Church invites narcissists, they are full of vulnerable people looking for the impression of strength, who refuse to look deeper at the Narcissist and see anything but positive traits in people. You will hear them say, ah ok maybe he's terrible at pastoring (bullying even) but he is such a good teacher or (business) leader.

    2. Tess. I agree with you. Same with deaf church. I was former deaf pastor. Leader judged me alot. Like I didn't follow KJV. So I realized not worth to join KJV as better church or perfect teachings. It can be cults. Yes leader never say like sorry and not real peacemaker. It is sad that some didn't see their pride.

  4. As you know, pastors are human and are subject to insert their own take in their messages. A good way to discern between God's word and strictly man's interpretation is comparing the content. If the pastor's interpretation deviates from God's word, it's best to believe the word of God rather than man's take on what it says.

  5. The Spirit of our Holy God continues to cleanse me of my narrcicistic ways. More of you Lord and less of me each day.

  6. Its important to note, there is a significant difference between Narcissism, selfishness, vanity and self centeredness, while all those individual characteristics can be found in the Narcissist, they can be found in anyone. What separates the Narcissist from these, is the significant lack of empathy, even the ability to feel empathy (not just unwillingness) and a complete lack of (real )remorse, (they are excellent actors). in fact chances are they are enjoying your vulnerability. They are essentially Sociopathic. I say this, because many mistake Vanity for Narcissism. Vanity has the potential for insight and reform, Narcissism is a defence mechanism to entirely avoid self awareness and responsibility, to avoid extremely deep seated inadequacy and emotional pain (often from abuse) Its a way of projecting that emotional pain into others, so they don't have tp feel it themselves. (Unconsciously) . So before you beat yourself up, chances are if you think your a Narcissist, your not, on the whole Narcissists do not think there is anything wrong with them, just with everybody else, if you suspect you might be after this, then I recommend some serious research and therapy.

    1. It's true that there is a clinical form of narcissism (Narcissist Personality disorder)where the person totally lacks empathy.

      According to studies, "70 percent of students today score higher on narcissism and lower on empathy than did the average student thirty years ago." (Why Is Narcissism Increasing Among Young Americans? Peter Gray Ph.D.)

      Psychologists are unsure of the cause: "Causes of narcissistic personality disorder are not yet well-understood. Genetic and biological factors as well as environment and early life experiences are all thought to play a role in the development of this condition." ~ Psychology Today

      As Christians, we know this is a spiritual problem. God doesn't create people evil, and people are not forced to become evil through hardship or abuse. Narcissism is a spiritual problem.

      However, there is also a non-clinical form of narcissism that is growing because selfishness and self-esteem are glorified in our culture.

      You're right....we shouldn't "beat ourselves up" but we should repent and seek the Lord's help in overcoming narcissistic qualities.

    2. The reason why sub-clinical narcissism is so prevalent is because these new demonic doctrines are spreading like wildfire, and their core is highly compatible with Satanism (i.e. Thelema)
      - Unconditional Love (i.e. do as thou wilt)
      - Unconditional Forgiveness (i.e. do as thou wilt)
      - the self-esteem doctrine (i.e. do as thou wilt)
      - emotionality and emotion based thinking that is anti-logic and anti-ratioality (i.e. do as thou wilt; if it makes you happy, it can't be that bad; Just Do It; you do you)
      - every human being is a star (i.e. YOU are awesome; self-esteem doctrine)
      - Never Judge (i.e. do as thou wilt)
      - Radical Acceptance (i.e. do as thou wilt)
      - Postmodernism and moral relativity and truth relativity (i.e. reality and truth are illusions)
      - positive thinking (i.e. reality and truth are illusions)

      The summation of all these demonic doctrines is unrepentance. We are living in a culture of unrepentance, where nobody naturally feels guilty for any wrongdoing they do.

      Apart from the possibly deviant sexual practices of Sodom and Gommorah, we are probably highly similar to them in one way - unrepentance, zero remorse, zero conscience, never feel guilty for wrongdoing, nobody ever judge or criticise anyone.

      The End Days might be near, since the cup of God's wrath is filling up quickly with the epidemic of unrepentance and love of sinning that we live in. And don't think this is a Western phenomenon, as Asia is 100% full of unrepentance and love of transgression, sinning, and iniquity too. This is not a Western problem, it's a spiritual problem, and most of humanity is spiritually problematic, a lot like Babylon, Sodom, and Gomorrah.

  7. I am empath so I dont do this. I lead a life of a true christian by following the teachings of Jesus Christ .

  8. When you have the Holy Spirit in you, you will automatically you will have the fruit if the Holy Spirit. You can never experienced these characteristics of the defeated enemy. I thank God I don't have This characteristics