18 Characteristics of Biblical Love

18 Characteristics of Biblical Love found in Romans 12

1 Corinthians 13 is known as the Love chapter, but Romans 12:9-21 also gives us characteristics of love:

1. It's sincere.

2. It hates evil.

3. It clings to good.

4. It devotes itself to brotherly love.

5. It honors others, not self.

6. It is zealous, fervent for God.

7. It serves the Lord.

8. It's joyful and hopeful.
18 Characteristics of Biblical Love found in Romans 12
9. It's patient in affliction.

10. It's faithful in prayer.

11. It shares with God's people in need.

12. It practices hospitality.

13. It blesses those who offend, repays evil with good, leaving room for God's wrath.

14. It rejoices with those rejoicing.

15. It mourns with those who mourn.

16. It lives in harmony.

17. It isn't proud or conceited.

18. It isn't influenced by wealth or position.

In all these things, love is not overcome by evil, but overcomes evil with good (Romans 12:21).

It's helpful for us to review these attributes and ask God which areas we could use improvement.

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  1. i was just reading that this week and I noticed it says what love is, and what it is not...

  2. What a beautiful post, Gail! And, it was such a blessing to have you stop by my blog! I was so thankful for your visit and words of encouragement. Sending you much love and gratitude for the blessing you are to me and to so many others!

  3. lovely post, Gail! you are an inspirational to all of us by doing God's work! God bless you, Gail!


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