Prickly People

Dealing With Prickly People Biblically
Most people are easy enough to get along with. They have their faults just like we have ours.

But there's a small percentage of people I'll call "prickly."

They're the ones who can put a negative spin on just about anything. They expect grace but give criticism. Often they're stingy, ungrateful, and self-focused.

If we're not careful, they can suck the life out of us.

It would be great to simply avoid them, but often they're in our family, workplace or church, so we can't. 

But we can deal with them Biblically:

1. Forgive them (Colossians 3:13). 

2. Realize peace is not completely possible with them (Romans 12:18).*

3. Don't become prickly ourselves 
(3 John 3:11). 

4. Focus on good people (Philippians 4:8).

Prickly people can actually have an important function in our lives by refining and strengthening our character (Romans 8:28).

* This passage tells us to live as peace with each other as far as it depends on us. That means we can only do our best. And our best won't be good enough for some prickly people who are irrational, narcissistic, self-centered, or uncaring.

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Dealing With Prickly People Biblically


  1. Great advice Gail. I love the way you keep truth simple and to the point. Enjoy a blessing-filled day!

  2. Wisdom and so clearly written. Thanks for the spiritual boost.

    Mama to 8
    One homemade and 7 adopted

  3. Thank you for sharing. Featured you on my blog today. Together We Shine!

  4. I just started reading these devotions and truly appreciate your time and beautiful simple wisdom. Thank you for being a blessing

  5. To be honest, I'm really surprised you didn't add, "Pray for them."

    Remember, please, that Jesus died for those "prickly" souls, too, and they could very well be in Heaven with us someday. Don't worry, though. You'll really like them, then.

  6. Couldn't have seen your post at a better time. I'm transferring to another store with fresh opportunuties starting Sept 18th. I will be leaving behind one of the prickliest people have ever had to work with in my life although a great developing opportunity to strentghen me.


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