Is There Something I Could Do?

Don Ritchie, Stopped people from jumping off cliff in Australia, Jesus calls us to rescue those from spiritual suicide
"Is there something I could do to help you?" 

This simple question saved hundreds of lives. 

For 50 years, Don Ritchie lived near a cliff in Sydney, Australia where hundreds jumped to their deaths. Whenever he was home and saw someone suspicious near the cliff, he'd walk across the street, invite them for tea, and encourage them that life was worth living. 

No one asked him to rescue people. He just couldn't sit back and watch people jump. 

Ritchie died last year at age 86, leaving behind hundreds who owe him their lives.

This is a good picture of our role as Christians. Daily those around us are committing slow suicide, but the death they're dying is eternal, not physical. 

Don Ritchie near the cliff where many attempt suicide
Someone has asked us to be a rescuer. His name is Jesus (Matthew 28:19-20). 

Let's take some time today and ask God who we might "invite for a cup of tea," encouragement, and life-saving truth.

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  1. Gail -- what a powerful message to remind us that we can all make a difference in someone else's life--right where we are. I'm sharing this one. Keep up the good work!


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