Psalm 18:30, God's Word is reliable, God's Word proves true, historic proof of Bible's authenticity
The Bible--always criticized but flawless just-the-same.

Do you know the incredible evidence of Pithom:
  • Exodus1:11: Israelites build Pithom.
  • Exodus 5: After Moses' visit, Egyptians withhold straw, forcing Hebrew slaves to make bricks with stubble.
  • 1908- Discovery that Pithom's lower structure is built with straw-filled bricks, but bricks above it are stubble-filled. 
But sometimes God allows the appearance of contradictions to grow our faith (Hebrews 11:1-2) and reveal the arrogance of critics. 

For example: 
  • Hittites are mentioned 48 times in Scripture but not in ancient literature.  
  • Bible critics call Hittites "fictional." 
  • 1876 - historians discover Carchemish, capital of powerful Hittite nation. 
  • Scripture is criticized because Assyrian king Sargon (Isaiah 20:1) isn't mentioned in ancient literature.
  • 1842 - Sargon's impressive palace is unearthed. 
  • Critics insist grapes and wine (highlighted in Joseph's story) weren't part of Egyptian culture.
  • Ancient Egyptian tomb paintings are discovered illustrating grape harvesting and wine-making. 
"The Lord's Word is Flawless" Psalm 18:30

Source: Inspiks

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  1. Love those examples! And one day, when that Ark is found, we will see the same thing! How exciting!


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