Sinking Ship

Philemon 6, sinking ship analogy, sharing the Gospel
She was on a slowly sinking ship, but the other passengers were in denial. 

They chatted in their deck chairs, ignoring the leaks and occasional tilting of the ship. 

Wearing her lifesaver, she walked from person to person pleading with them to get a lifesaver of their own before it was too late. 

Some of them called her ignorant and mocked her. 

But most of them ignored her because they were busy talking about life aboard ship, assuring each other how safe the ship was, or thinking up ways to save themselves if the ship sank.

She could have kept quiet, but she loved the Captain of the Rescue who provided her lifesaver and she knew He wanted everyone to have one (1 Timothy 2:3-4). 
In the spiritual realm, you and I are on that ship. 

Are we concerned for the passengers without lifesavers?


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