Trojan Horse Lie: I'm a Victim

In Christ no one is a victim, We are sinners, not vitims; sin, Bible
Nowhere in Scripture does God excuse a man's sins because of his life circumstances. 

But we do it all the time because Satan has convinced us we're victims, not sinners. 

We blame our sins on insecurity, poor self-esteem, bad parenting, mistreatment, lack of opportunity, or difficult circumstances. 

But God gave us a Biblical example that blows our victim mentality out of the water. 

It's the story of young Joseph (Genesis 37-50):
Raised in a family of incest, murder, multiple wives, and jealous half-brothers. Sold into slavery. Thrown into prison by a lying female. Separated from his home and forced to live as a stranger in a pagan culture. 

He could have wallowed in self-pity, disabled with fear and rejection. But he chose to do the right thing, forgive his offenders, trust God for his circumstances, and make the best of his life. And that's what we must start doing too. 

No one is a victim when they're in Christ.*

*Please understand this within the context of sin. I am not saying there are no victims of crime or abuse. I am saying we cannot excuse our sin by saying we are victims.

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  1. I definitely needed to read this! Thanks!

  2. Thank. I needed to hear this today. I've been letting my circumstances control my spiritual life.

    1. Dear Michelle,
      It blesses me to know this was helpful and timely for you.
      Gail : )

  3. Absolute truth! Love this post!


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