Things that Make Me Sad--The Flood

Genesis 6, Noah and the Ark, the Flood, Noah, Ark, God's Love
♥ This week's Bible Love Notes are bit different from my usual devotions. They're prayer thoughts I wrote after reading Genesis 1-9.  
♥ Today's is specifically about Genesis 6.

Dear Lord, 
How could it happen?

You gave mankind everything to make us happy, but we messed it up.

First Adam and Eve, then Cain.

Then every thought of every man was bent on evil (Genesis 6:5).

Every thought ... every man...except Noah. And You grieved.

And Noah preached, warned, told the truth. But no one believed him (2 Peter 2:5). 

No one believed You.

That happens today too. We ignore Your love and Your warnings and just keep messing things up. 

Instead of realizing that you give us more than we deserve, we accuse You of not doing enough. 

Instead of listening to the Truth, we keep on believing lies.

Unbelievers do it, but we believers do it too. We have Your Book but we listen to our culture, our peers, and our own selfish hearts. 

Help us, Lord Jesus, to see things as You see them. Help us remember who we are and Who You Are.

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  1. Good morning, Gail. I realized you can't see me nodding my head and saying, "Amen!" to your post, so I thought I'd drop you a short line. Thank you for your faithfulness and wisdom, and for sharing with us. Have a blessed Valentine's Day!

    1. Thanks, Marilyn for letting me know your head was nodding in agreement : )
      God bless your Valentine's Day as well.

  2. "...we accuse you of not doing enough" just resonates with me, as I am working on being CONTENT which is vital in order discern culture from GOD. Thank you for this word I am glad I saved it.


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