The God of Pleasing Practicality

pleasing to the eye, Genesis 2:9
Two photos from Croatia
I'm smitten with the beauty of Croatia -- the way God carved rugged mountains next to turquoise waters, and the way the pleasant clouds and sun dissolve into iridescent sunsets each evening. 

Whenever we visit, I take hundreds of photos trying to capture these images so pleasing to my eyes. 

While reading Genesis 2, I noticed something I'd never pondered before: God created "trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food" (verse 9). 

The God of the universe is not only practical, but He wants us to enjoy the sources of His provision, making them "pleasing to the eye," sweet to the taste, fragrant to the smell, interesting to the touch, melodic to the ear. 

That sounds like a simple truth, but it's not. 

We could have a very different world if it were merely practical. 

But we have an awe-inspiring, beauty-creating, multi-purposing God.


  1. Thank God He created a world of beauty and detail and color and more! And...I would love to visit Croatia sometime! :)

  2. This speaks to me today as I survey creation and contemplate the wonder of my God. Thank you.

  3. That is so true, so many of the trees around us are so beautiful especially in autumn. God really was thinking of far more than practicalities when designing this world.


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