Letting the Lord Comfort Me During an MRI - 1 John 1:5

Christ is light in the darkness, praying during an MRI, comfort during scary MRI
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When fearful, God can bring light into our darkness...
Recently I had an MRI to figure out if I had a tumor on my auditory nerve (I didn't). 

I've had MRIs before, and I never love being put in that tight little capsule with sound waves beating the walls like mad drummers. But this was my worst MRI. I was fearful. 

I didn't like the idea of the dye they injected in my veins or the length of the MRI (an hour). And even though I asked them to cover my eyes with a cloth, I knew I was in a claustrophobically small space. 

Deliberately I chose to control my breathing and my thoughts by praying. Not beautiful, poetic prayers, mostly "Help me, Lord" prayers and attempts to count my blessings. 

But it was enough. God gave me Light in that "hour of darkness," something He longs to do every minute, hour, day, month and year of our lives. All we need do is ask for it.

"God is light; in him there is no darkness at all," I John 1:5 

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  1. I had an MRI two years ago b/c I was convinced I had a brain tumor. I had had a consistent head ache for a month and a half that never ebbed, even when I woke up at night, it was constant. Was getting the MRI, I refused the valium b/c I was breast-feeding, they said, you can't move for an hour while we do this, I said I won't. I said the Hail Mary over and over the whole time. It honestly felt like only ten minutes and I was done. There was nothing. My head ache went away the next week and has never returned.

    1. So glad that all worked out so well, Andrea. What a blessing when God gives us peace and then what a wonderful added blessing of having no more headaches.

  2. Hi Gail! I am so glad that you are ok! Did you find out what your problem ended up to be?

    Tests like the MRI immobilize, and when there's no where to go, I go to God...and you do too! Thanks be to God that we have this faith to rely on to pull us through. What do people do who don't have it?? Well, you'll never have to answer that question, your faith is solid as a rock.

    It is a Happy Monday!

    1. Yes, Ceil, what would we do without Jesus!
      They still don't know why I have lost hearing in one ear. No tumor, but no answers either. This has been a season of health problems with no answers for me. Another test of my faith. I pray I handle it in ways that glorify God.
      Thanks for asking.

  3. Gail,

    I am sorry to hear you are going through this, but very thankful that it was not a tumor, praise be to God. I totally understand how you feel regarding MRI's, they were part of my life for many years as I used to suffer from epilepsy. While I still take pills for it, I have not had a seizure for many many years. God has been so good to me and I praise Him! I used to dread doing this test for the same exact reasons you mentioned here. At the latter part, I ended up with the open MRI's because I could not handle the small spaces.

    I pray for God's healing over your life, may He give you the strength you need to face this and all other trials in your life. Be strong sister!

    Much Love :)

  4. Praise the Lord for good news! I too dislike very MUCH having an MRI. I am extremely claustrophobic and although I have only had one..... I know that I don't want another! lol!!
    Thank you for sharing! We live in a dark world and so many times we can allow things in our lives to take over as we become fearful when it seems as if everything is closing in on us!
    Have a blessed day!

  5. Gail, I experienced a similar reaction, which was quite humbling. I've never been claustrophobic and never had a panic attack. I always would chuckle a little bit in pity when someone would share an experience with one, thinking, "That's so silly."

    Then they put me in the tube. When I looked up at that ceiling only 3 inches from my face, I just about lost it. My heart raced, my breathing sped up, the whole fight or flight reaction kicked in. And no, I didn't pray beautiful prayers, either.

    The only coherent thought I could compose was to recite the 23rd Psalm. After a few minutes, my heart rate slowed, my breathing quieted, and I was able to pray for people on my prayer list. By the time the test was over, I was completely relaxed and very thankful to God for hearing my cries and meeting me there.

  6. I am glad your test came back okay!
    God definitely answers prayers.
    Love to you!

  7. Wow! I can relate as well. I had an MRI last year for severe back pain. I had to go by myself because there was no one to stay with my children except my husband. My husband works in the hospital and he warned me that it would be a very tiny space. And loud. I had no idea HOW loud! Because it was for my back, not my head or neck, I was able to wear a very large set of ear phones, through which they streamed nice music, though it could only be heard during breaks between the pings and squawks the machine was making.

    I felt that same moment of panic when they moved me into that tube, so I kept my eyes closed the whole time and prayed and hummed hymns and quoted scripture to myself. Could there be any other way to stay calm and still than through Jesus who could calm a storm with those few simple words?

  8. First, thank you for stopping by my blog! Second, I'm so glad to hear your results were good! I cannot even imagine doing an MRI, I am extremely claustrophobic. You were certainly brave! I know praying is always so calming and comforting so I can imagine that really helped. I'll be doing the same if the time comes I ever have to have one!

    Monica @ theatypicalhousewife.com

  9. So glad the results were positive...both during the MRI and after.
    Thanks for sharing your life. I'm always encouraged.

  10. Some inner-ear and hearing problems led to an MRI for me several years ago and the irregularities it revealed led to an even scarier EEG scan. The words "possible neurological disorder" were thrown around and MS was a concern. I had a newborn baby and two other young children at the time and I was so incredibly fearful. But God gave me a remarkable peace and in the end I sat down with a neurologist who told me I was a perfectly normal and healthy young woman. (With the exception of some pretty rotten inner-ears!) I'll never forget the rest I found in the Lord in the midst of all of that.

    So glad to hear He was a comfort to you as well! Remarkable, isn't it, how He can be all things to all of us all at once! :)

  11. I just had my first MRI. I didn't fall asleep, like my husband said he did. I was not claustrophobic, so did not take the Valium I had as a backup. It is rare in my life to have 40 minutes of completely quiet, uninterrupted time. I batted down the fears, periodically, and it became a meditative space. Prayers sound like a perfect use of the time.

  12. I'm so glad your MRI report was good. I've been there Gail with MRI's and it's terrifying for me, just as you said. The MRI tech said I could bring a CD. I chose one of quiet psalms put to music and tried desperately to focus on them against the loud banging of the machine. When it was over, the tech popped out my cd and was curious as to what I was listening to and looking the cd over. As it was one of my favorites, I thought I should mail her one. Heard the Lord telling me to give it to her right then, which I did. She had previously shared with me her recent diagnosis of breast cancer. God is at work even in the tube of an MRI machine. Thank you Gail for all that you share here. You are such a blessing. ~ Abby


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