The Elephant in the Church

Non-discipleship, Christian growth
“Nondiscipleship is the 
elephant in the church”
Dallas Willard, The Divine Conspiracy, 1998

And this elephant* has been in the church far too long.

According to a 2010 Barna study:
    • Christians are becoming illiterate of Biblical principles.
    •  Christians are less interested in reaching out to others.
    • Christians have largely accepted the culture's view of "tolerance" which forbids negative opinions about socially acceptable sins.
    • Christians are having little influence on our culture.
    Today let's ponder these words of Jesus:
    "Go and make disciples...
    teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you." 

    * To say there's an elephant in the church means there's something obvious that no one is addressing.
    Source:  6 Megathemes Emerge

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    1. Hi Gail
      I love this. It's so true. I can't wait to read tomorrows post.

    2. Yes, this issue has been addressed by our pastor, too. The fear of being "judgemental" has permeated society while many serious sins have become socially acceptable behavior because of it.

    3. Hi Gail, great topic to tackle. Looking forward to the next post.
      God bless

    4. This is so true. Thanks for posting. And it goes along with the Scripture that says, "They will not endure sound doctrine."
      Blessings and shalom,

    5. How true~ add to that following Christ can make you an outcast simply by not participating in their activities.
      Enjoyed the post! Because of all that now goes on around me, I am going to start doing more Bible study~ my defense....... defending my soul/ salvation!

    6. I agree. Christians are only focused on one of two sins, mainly abortion and homosexuality, while we allow other sins to run rampant throughout the church and society. We blame the world for being sinful, yet we have an answer and don't want to share it. We've allowed politics to pollute our faith and yet we don't we the Bible to see that God is neither republican nor democrat. We have so much to repent for. We need to humble ourselves and return to God and His Word.


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