Friends Can Be Wonderful Peer Mentors -Proverbs 27:17

Don't you love Christian friends who honestly share their struggles and victories? 

They help us know we're not alone and challenge us to be better. They're our "peer or friendship disciplers." 

Peer mentoring is perhaps the most obvious and most underestimated form of discipleship. Just as "Bad company corrupts good character"(1 Corinthians 15:33), good company improves character (Proverbs 27:17). 

As Iron Sharpens Iron, Peer Mentors, Christian MentoringIt's good and right to be involved with non-Christians, but we must be careful to take our cues from Christian friends who are walking faithfully with Jesus.

We can do this deliberately by asking a friend to keep us accountable in a particular area and sharing honestly about our progress. Or we can do this by simply "listening" to the lives and words of Christian friends and asking God what He wants us to learn.

Sometimes these relationships happen naturally, sometimes not. If you don't have some important relationships that draw you closer to the Lord, I encourage you to pray about it.
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  1. So true! I have been so encouraged by my friends who have been open and honest about their walk with know, sharing the victories and the failures! In turn, I've discovered that when I've shared my own struggles, my friends have told me they were encouraged! We are the Body of Christ, working and encouraging each other for Him!

  2. I am so thankful for the friends that God has put in my life that encourage me to walk with the Lord. There was a time I didn't have them, but when I prayed and asked the Lord if He would give me friends He gave me the best ones for me that I could ever ask for. It is important that we have the kind of friends to encourage us in the Lord!

  3. I loved this post. Yes, having a Christian friend or friends is a wonderful thing that is both encouraging and uplifting. Thanks.

  4. I am so inspired by my christian friends. Recently I have relocated near my siblings. My youngest sister and I became very close, my hope of a long overdue bond based on God. Our views are so different. And it's becoming a struggle for me.We don't share the same depthness in spirit. How can I help her to grow and "feel" God's awesome love and wisdom?

    1. There's no easy answer to your question. I encourage you to pray for her and share your faith walk with her in a natural way and love her.
      And I pray that she will come to share your deep interest in the things of God.


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