That's Not Jesus

Another Jesus, Who Jesus Really is, John 14:23
I often hear people talk about a Jesus who isn't the Jesus of the Bible. 

The Jesus they refer to is usually popular with unsaved folks, which is the first sign that he isn't the real Jesus (John 15:18). He doesn't talk about sin, judgment, or hell like the real Jesus does (Matthew 18). He doesn't say he is the only way of salvation like the real Jesus does (John 14:6). He doesn't say what the real Jesus says about obedience and love (John 14:21-24).

Unfortunately, many Christians also have an incorrect view of Jesus. They believe He's pleased with them no matter how casual their faith is. But Jesus is clear:
“If you refuse to take up your cross and follow me, you are not worthy of being mine... All who love me will do what I say." Matthew 10:38; John 14:23 NLT

Let's read our Bibles and make sure we know the real Jesus! He loves us too much to be satisfied with a watered-down faith.

Another devotion that discusses this truth is "Another Jesus."


  1. Preach it girl! We have often made Him fit our image, instead of us fitting in His image!


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