Before You Say "The Shack" is "Just Fiction," Read This

Before you say, "It's just fiction" consider how powerfully it has deceived people about God's Character.
If a fictional book portrays a real person, that person can sue for libel if his character behaves in ways that misrepresent him.
In fact, people can win libel suits if a fictional character closely resembles them even if the character doesn’t bear their name.

Saying the character is “just fictional” doesn’t cut it with the law because there’s great power in the written word, whether fictional or true. The written word can damage, deceive, mislead, and endanger.

If my husband were misrepresented in a fictional book, you can bet I’d be there to defend his honor. 

And there’s only one person more important to me than my husband – my Lord. The Shack portrays the God of the Bible in ways that contradict His words, His character, and His purposes. These contradictions deceive and confuse people about the true nature of God, about salvation, and about sin.

I have received a great deal of criticism from professing Christians for pointing out the misrepresentations of God’s character in The Shack.

But no amount of popular opinion should keep us quiet when The Shack identifies God by His Biblical names and misrepresents His character in significant ways.

Dear Christians, we must understand the power of the written word and we must defend the honor of God's Written Word above all other written words. No amount of good found in the book can overcome the error it spreads about God.

Are you open to examine the errors The Shack spreads?
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  1. Thank you for all the posts you have written on The Shack! Thank you for standing up for our Lord God and defending His blessed, gracious and Almighty Name! Any sensible and reasonable person can see the legal argument you put forth in this post and all your other posts are so well backed up by the Word of our God Himself! God bless you as you continue to serve Him! Rosemarie Reiss

  2. Thank you so much for this and all your other posts on The Shack! Any reasonable and logical person can clearly see the point you are making here! I can't see how you would be getting so much kick-back from Christians relating to your other posts. Especially since you back up everything you say with the Word of our Great and loving God Himself!
    Keep up the good work you have been called to do by our God, the one and only Creator, Sustainor and Redeemer of our Souls!

  3. thank you for all of this. my eyes are opened. i read this book as a child and haven’t read it in a while. i think that you are brave and courageous for stating the truth.