Is Jesus Likable?

Jesus was not popular, Christians will be hated, Jesus was hated
Years ago I read the book "They Like Jesus But Not the Church."* It had some valid points about the way we Christians can make the Gospel unattractive by clumsy remarks and rude attitudes.

But the book's basic premise was flawed. It suggested that people will like us if we act more like Jesus.

But that's not Scriptural.

We should try to speak the Truth in love. But even when we do, our message will be neither politically correct nor tolerant of sin. If it is, we will have ceased to be representatives of Christ.

Jesus made people angry they killed him.

And it wasn't just the self-righteous religious people who hated Jesus. Anyone who refused to accept God's definition of sin hated Jesus (John 7:7). If we want to be like the true Jesus in Scripture, they will hate us too.

“You will be hated by everyone because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved." Matthew 10:22 

*One reason they like Jesus is because they like "another Jesus," not the Jesus of Scripture.

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  1. This was absolutely perfect timing for me, right when I needed it. Thanks.

  2. There are so many Scriptures that go in different directions. Like, Don't judge because you will be judged in the same manner you judged. Love one another (especially those in the Faith), yet we are told to love our enemies and to do go to them. I follow Jesus, and I try to love my enemies or those that would misuse me. But in the end my loyalty is to Christ alone, knowing I have nothing to worry about, because HE carries my burdens, and HE knows all hearts, and will be the judge of all!!!


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