Was Jesus Likable?

Most folks completely misunderstand the character of Christ and response He received during His earthly ministry. This 1-minute devotion includes a quote from Jesus that sets us all straight.

Years ago I read the book "They Like Jesus But Not the Church."* It had some valid points about the way we Christians can make the Gospel unattractive by clumsy remarks and rude attitudes.

But the book's basic premise was flawed. It suggested that people will like us if we act more like Jesus.

But that's not Scriptural.

We should try to speak the Truth in love. But even when we do, our message will be neither culturally acceptable nor tolerant of sin. If it is, we will have ceased to be representatives of Christ.

Jesus made people angry...so angry they killed him.

And it wasn't just the self-righteous religious people who hated Jesus. Anyone who refused to accept God's definition of sin hated Jesus (John 7:7). If we want to be like the true Jesus in Scripture, they will hate us too (1 John 3:13).

“You will be hated by everyone because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved." Matthew 10:22 

*One reason they like Jesus is because they like "another Jesus," not the Jesus of Scripture.

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Most folks completely misunderstand the character of Christ and response He received during His earthly ministry. This 1-minute devotion includes a quote from Jesus that sets us all straight.



  1. This was absolutely perfect timing for me, right when I needed it. Thanks.

  2. There are so many Scriptures that go in different directions. Like, Don't judge because you will be judged in the same manner you judged. Love one another (especially those in the Faith), yet we are told to love our enemies and to do go to them. I follow Jesus, and I try to love my enemies or those that would misuse me. But in the end my loyalty is to Christ alone, knowing I have nothing to worry about, because HE carries my burdens, and HE knows all hearts, and will be the judge of all!!!

    1. I think the problem isn't with the Bible but rather with people not knowing what was meant by judgement. Since we are clearly told to avoid people who sin in certain ways and deliver the Gospel to a world trapped in sin it is clear that to judge has nothing to do with telling a person that what they do is wrong. I think it has more to do with determining that a person is beyond salvation. This seems to be clear since it was generally the Pharisees who were told not to judge and their belief was that if you didn't keep the law as strictly as they did then you were basically scum and to be seen with you was to be polluted by you. It was a lot more like judging the value of a person, not at all about determining whether the things that person did was right or not. But Christ knew the hearts of the Pharisees and that even the 'good' things they did were done for themselves and not for God which is every bit as sinful as more outward forms of sin.
      As for loving, we should absolutely love those in the faith because they are our brothers and sisters. They, like us, are working toward the same goal, which is to bring in the harvest of souls for Christ. Furthermore we all share in salvation and we understand what we've been saved from and who we've been saved by. Because we worship Christ we should be concerned with the people he died for. Our love for each other is a testament to the work of Christ to the world.
      Our love for our enemies is as much for ourselves as for our enemies. Perhaps it might lead them to repentance seeing that we are different from the rest of the world. But the scriptures do suggest that in praying for our enemies and doing good for them we are heaping coals on their heads, so there is the sense that by doing good for our enemies we are showing them who God is and if they choose to continue rejecting Him then they will receive their just punishment from God, who is the only one allowed to repay evil.

  3. The key to understanding scripture is to understand Hebrew and Greek. For instance in Mathew the word Judge is written several times and there are several Greek words that differ in meaning for quite a few times it is mentioned. It is not our place to Judge one another in a condemning narrative as this is Jesus Christ’s Department. But... we are to Judge amongst the fellow brethren, correct and admonish. And I could go on, check it out for your self, it’s a great study. I appreciate this article! As the church has slowly become like the world in every way it seems. So as a Born Again Christ Follower, if you don’t ruffle some feathers and have some worldly enemies ... well then something is wrong.

  4. Walk in righteousness,seeking GOD'S will, not being deceived of our own mind humbling our own selves before GOD that we will be acceptable before HIM.