Paul Young, Author of "The Shack" - What Does He Believe?

Paul Young admits that he doesn't believe in a number of Bible truths.
This article was updated when Paul Young released his theology book: "Lies We Believe About God" (published 3-8-17).

Despite the fact that it is replete with errors about the character of God, The Shack is incredibly popular among Christians and non-Christians alike.

When I first started doing research on Paul Young's beliefs, I could only find sources like this one:

Excerpt from an article written by Wade Burleson and posted on Paul Young's official site:

"Paul Young told me he is a 'hopeful universalist.' He believes that our loving God sent His Son to die for every single sinner without exception. One day God will effectually reconcile every sinner to Himself. Paul uses the term 'hopeful' universalism because he understands that the Scriptures speak of judgment, but Paul is 'hopeful' that even in judgment, the love of God will eventually bring the sinner being judged to love for Jesus Christ. Paul Young is 'hopeful' that the fire of God’s love will eventually and effectually persuade every sinner of God’s love in Christ."


Does he believe the Bible or not? Is he hoping God doesn't mean what He says about Hell or denying Scripture teaches about Hell? Does he believe people get a chance after death to repent?

Even though this article was on on Young's official website (source), it wasn't written by young. And instead of clarifying Young's beliefs, the author of the article spent most of his time debating the Calvinism of Al Mohler and attempting to claim C.S. Lewis was a universalist (using very poor circular reasoning). 

It was very hard to pin down Young's beliefs until he put out a book containing his theology. In Lies We Believe About God, Young claims that only Cosmic Abuser  would send His Son to the cross for our salvation.

I recommend you read these longer reviews of Lies. They contain direct quotes from the book and more errors in Young's theology:
Unshackled: The God of Paul Young
What Does The Shack Teach About God?

Any questions I had about Young's beliefs were put to rest. He definitely does not believe Christian faith as presented in Scripture, and universal salvation is only part of his false beliefs. 

Christians must be careful what we defend and what we recommend. Whatever good is found in The Shack cannot make up for the errors it has promoted.

To read more about The Shack:

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