Paul Young, Author of "The Shack" - What Does He Believe? I'm Not Sure!

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This article was updated due to Young's newly released book "Lies We Believe About God" published 3-8-17.

Dear Christians, It is so important that we test all things against Scripture, and this is especially true with books and movies like The Shack that have become so popular among Bible-believing Christians.

The Shack is replete with errors about the true character of God, and author Paul Young now reveals his theology in a book called Lies We Believe About God.

I recommend you read these longer reviews of Lies. They contain direct quotes from the book and more errors in Young's theology:
Unshackled: The God of Paul Young
What Does The Shack Teach About God?

But I also want to point out that I'm not sure anyone has Young's theology figured out, perhaps not even Young himself. 

I have listened to scores of interviews with Young and read scores of articles about his beliefs. He often avoids direct answers to questions and even when he answers, he makes statements that aren't altogether clear (example:video interview). 

Young identifies himself as a "hopeful universalist" because he believes through Christ all men will be saved regardless of their beliefs during their earthly lives. An article on Young's official website (source) attempts to define Young's beliefs about universalism, but, it spends more time debating the Calvinism of Al Mohler than clarifying Young's beliefs and it sadly attempts to associate C.S. Lewis with universalism by circular reasoning. In addition, even though it's on Young's official site, it's written about Young, not by Young. 

I would like to hear Young explain passages like John 3:18 that state unbelievers will be condemned. 

While it's hard to discern Young's beliefs about salvation, he clearly contradicts Scripture in both The Shack and Lies We Believe when he insists God never punishes, is never disappointed in anyone, and never has expectations. (These Biblical contradictions are addressed in the articles linked below this post).

As Christians, we must hold to Biblical truths. We should hate to see men go to Hell, be eager to share Christ so more men will join us in heaven, but believe that what God has written about Hell in Scripture is true. Please read more about the belief of Universal Salvation HERE.

The Bible is the greatest love story ever told - the story of God's wonderful love from Creation to the Cross and into eternity. It comforts, teaches and guides men to salvation revealing the true character, plan and purposes of God.

No one can write about God’s love better than God Himself. God forgive us if we think anyone can explain His love better than the Bible.
Excerpt from an article written by Wade Burleson and posted on Paul Young's official site:
"Paul Young told me he is a 'hopeful universalist.' He believes that our loving God sent His Son to die for every single sinner without exception. One day God will effectually reconcile every sinner to Himself. Paul uses the term 'hopeful' universalism because he understands that the Scriptures speak of judgment, but Paul is 'hopeful' that even in judgment, the love of God will eventually bring the sinner being judged to love for Jesus Christ. Paul Young is 'hopeful' that the fire of God’s love will eventually and effectually persuade every sinner of God’s love in Christ."

To read more about The Shack:

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