God Honors a Prostitute

Joshua 2 + 6, God honors Rahab by putting her in Christ's linage
Rahab the prostitute (Joshua 2,6) was a woman with a past, but also a woman with a future.  

Her past life, pagan ways and pagan culture crumbled when the walls of her hometown, Jericho, fell.  

Her whole identity changed, and she became a part of God's family, marrying the Israelite Salmon. 

But there is something even more significant about Rahab’s new identity, something God recorded in His Love Notes hundreds of years after Rahab’s death:

When we read the genealogy of Christ in Matthew, Rahab is on that list--mother of Boaz (Ruth's godly husband), grandmother of King David!* But most remarkable of all, she is a mother in the linage of Jesus Himself! 

Women were rarely mentioned in genealogies, but God wanted us to know that He is not ashamed to have this former prostitute in his family tree!

What made her part of God's family tree? The same thing that makes us a part--faith!
* Since the type of genealogy used in Matthew uses "mother" and "father" loosely, skipping some generations, it's possible Rahab was a grandmother of Boaz. 
© copyright Gail Burton Purath, 2011 
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