Which Side Are You On: A, B, X, or Y?

We need to familiarize ourselves with these categories now being presented as Christian choices because only one is biblical.

A new false teaching is infiltrating the church, a teaching which categorizes Christians as Side A, B, X, or Y.

Side A “Christians”

This group believes God fully accepts gay monogamous relationships.

Side B “Christians” 

This group believes some people are born gay and there's nothing wrong with identifying as gay or living with a gay partner as long as there's no sex involved.

Side X Christians 

These Christians believe that same-sex lifestyles are sinful and God wants to help people overcome them.

Side Y “Christians” 

This group believes there's truth in both Side B and Side X. 

I find it interesting that the only biblical belief is labeled X, a letter with negative connotations.

We'll discuss each of these views in this week's Bible Love Notes as they relate to our lives as Christians, but let me give this short summary:

Biblically, Side A is encouraging people to live lifestyles that separate them from God. Side B is caving to culture hoping to appear more “loving.” Side X is standing firm on God's Word, and Side Y is unwilling to take a stand.

When they are commanded to choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve” (Joshua 24:14-15):

Side A answers, “We choose a revised version of God, not the God of the Bible” (2 Corinthians 4:4; Romans 1:16-32). 

Side B answers“We think we can serve both God and culture” (1 John 2:16-17). 

Side X says“We will serve God even if we are hated and labeled with X's” (Matthew 10:22).

Side Y says“We're not sure” (Matthew 12:30). 


To see which side God is on, see God's View of Homosexuality.

My reason for putting Christian in quotes for Sides A, B, and Y is that these are not Christian beliefs. Can legitimate Christians be caught up in these beliefs? Yes, but many who fall into these categories are Christian in name only, especially those in Side A (you cannot be a practicing homosexual and be saved – 1 Corinthians 6:9-11). Of course, there are false believers in Side X as well, but the belief itself is biblical.

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We need to familiarize ourselves with these categories now being presented as Christian choices because only one is biblical.

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  1. Hi Gail
    Thankyou for this bite size bible study, it's so helpful. I totally agree with you on every level as a follower and lover of Jesus Christ but would like to ask you a question. If people are not born homosexual how do they acquire (sorry can't think of a better word) or become homosexual? I know of one young man who knew from a very young age that he was different from his five brothers. His mother a Christian also spotted his tendencies to gravitate towards more feminine activities and interests than his brother from the start go. If a three year old exhibits these tendencies and it appears they grow with him how can we say they aren't born like it even though I truly believe it is still a sin. I'm confused!!!!

    1. Great question, Juliette.
      There are so many things that affect our strengths and weaknesses and it's really impossible to know exactly why someone has specific sinful desires. Some people who have gay tendencies were sexually abused, but not all of them. And some sexually abused people do not have gay tendencies.

      We are all born sinners and we are impacted by our environment and our personalities. Some people have a tendency to eat too much and others don't. Some men struggle with adulterous thoughts and others don't. Some people have more trouble with anger, depression, lying, etc.

      But we never say, "God created me a liar or a thief, or a glutton, or a worrier, or a depressed person. We are born into a certain race and a certain family with certain physical features all of which we have no control over. But all of these other things I mentioned are behaviors. And with the help of the Lord we can overcome both bad thoughts and bad behaviors. And if a gay person says I can't change my same-sex attraction, that is no different than someone saying I can't change my adulterous thoughts or my bitter thoughts or my angry and hateful thoughts.

      I hope that helps. Perhaps I will write a devotion addressing this question.