Two False Teachings Based on Acts 10

Beware of False teachings such as these two very popular false teachings which distort Acts 10.

Acts 10 is a chapter where God helps Peter understand that the gospel is available to all people, Gentiles as well as Jews.(1)
God begins by telling Peter the dietary laws have ended. Three times He commands Peter to “kill and eat” foods previously considered “unclean.” When Peter objects, God says, “Do not call anything impure that God has made clean.” 
Dietary laws were one of many reasons Jews separated themselves from Gentiles, but they were part of the Old Covenant, showing us we are “unclean” without Christ's sacrifice for our sin (Matthew 15:10-11; Romans 8:3-4; Hebrews 10:1). 
In direct contradiction to this passage, the Hebrew Roots Movement continues to call foods unclean that God calls clean, and they believe following the dietary laws makes them superior to other Christians just as the Jews considered themselves superior to Gentiles.(2)
Despite these obvious errors, the Hebrew Roots movement boasts between 200,000-300,000 professing Christian followers. 
Gay revisionists also distort Acts 10, claiming God wanted Peter to accept practicing homosexuals as well as Gentiles!(3) 
Sadly, gay revisionist arguments have persuaded more than half of professing Christians to accept homosexuality as an appropriate lifestyle (source).
We need to pray for the strengthening of God's people. 
When we understand how these false teachings damage people's hearts and souls, we realize the importance of knowing Scripture and sharing it accurately.


Beware of False teachings such as these two very popular false teachings which distort Acts 10.
(1) In the Old Testament, God wanted the Jews set apart from pagan people as He prepared them for the coming of the Messiah. This led many Jews to believe they were the only race chosen by God. Acts 10 is one of several Scripture passages where God corrects this Jewish mindset. D
ietary, ceremonial, cleansing, and sacrificial laws were designed to illustrate our unworthiness and uncleanness before a holy God. Christ did not abolish these laws. He fulfilled them by redeeming us from our sins (Matthew 5:17). Please see Discerning Between Temporary and Permanent Bible Commands for more on this subject. 
(2) The Hebrew Roots Movement has created a theology based on dietary and ceremonial laws.This movement is largely fueled by false teaching on the internet, especially from a group called 119 Ministries. For more details and Scriptures refuting their teachings, see All or Nothing: Christ’s Fulfillment of the Law.
(3) See Confused Views of Acts 10 for more on this false teaching with additional Scriptures to refute it. This gay revisionist argument is over fifty years old and has never been taken seriously by legitimate Bible scholars. But it's showing up in modern revisionist writings from "progressive Christians" (ex-vangelicals).

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