More Than Prayer

Prayer often leads to action. This devotion encourages us to discern when we need to do more than pray.

It's good to know the 3 Results of Prayer so we can respond biblically.

Sometimes God tells us to persevere in prayer because there’s nothing more we can do in a situation. Sometimes God tells us to “wait” constructively for His next purpose. 

But some prayers lead naturally to actions. For example, when we pray about relationship problems, sin problems, or new opportunities from God.

If it’s a relationship problem, our prayers should lead us to forgiveness, repentance, acts of kindness, open discussions, consideration, returning good for evil, doing our best to bring peace. If the other person shuts down and refuses to work on the problems, we revert to prayer alone, but not before that point (Matthew 5:23-24; Romans 12:9-21).(1)

If we have a sin problem, we need to repent to God and to anyone else we’ve offended and right whatever wrongs we can (Acts 26:20; Romans 13:7-8).(2)

If God has a new purpose for us or if God is asking us to help others, we need to get busy! There is a time to pray and a time to act (Ecclesiastes 3:1).(3) 


(1) The Bible Love Notes collections on Relationships, Honoring Parents, or Marriage may offer some help.

(2) When we damage something, lie, or neglect a responsibility, we should do whatever is necessary to prove our repentance and make restitution if possible. If it's an ongoing sin problem, we need to seek accountability, avoid temptations, memorize Scripture related to our problem, and do whatever it takes to turn from our sin. See: A Practical Method for Overcoming Sin, Confession is Good for the Soul, and 6 Characteristics of Sincere Repentance.

(3)  When there are things we should do and we fail to do them, we are using prayer as "mere talk" (1 Corinthians 4:20). See The Prayer Excuse, Romans 12:6-8, 1 John 3:16-18, and James 2:15-18. For encouragement in a new venture see All Things in Christ's Strength and Secret Strength.

Prayer often leads to action. This devotion encourages us to discern when we need to do more than pray.

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