Are You a Gospelphobe?

Have Christians Become Gospelphobes?

When Christians address the sins of gossip, dishonesty, or selfishness, no one accuses us of being gossipphobes, liarphobes, or narcissistphobes.

Nor do they accuse us of hating gossips, liars, or narcissists.

But when Christians address the sins of homosexuality or transgenderism, no matter how lovingly it’s done, we’re called homophobes and haters.


Because our culture still disapproves of gossip, lying, and selfishness, but they consider homosexuality and transgenderism legitimate, healthy lifestyles.

Unfortunately, many Christians are buckling under the pressure to conform, afraid to mention these sins and ashamed of those who do.

Scripture teaches that sexual sins are more damaging to individuals and communities than other sins, but our culture thinks man can decide what's right and wrong.(1)

Dear Christians, are we going to love God and mankind enough to unashamedly share the whole gospel?

"I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes..."  Romans 1:16

(1) This attitude caused national deterioration and multiple hardships to the Israelites during the time of judges (Judges 17:6).

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Have Christians Become Gospelphobes?

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  1. I can & have addressed this subject in a calm, nonthreatening way & I've seen other Christians do this too. Part of the problem is we are living in a hateful, nasty society & that also is creeping into some Christians. When we just look angry & mean we aren't taken seriously. It's sad!