More Half-Truths Many Christians Believe (#25-28)

More Half-Truths Many Christians Believe (#25-28)

This is part of the series "Half-Truths Many Christians Believe."

Half-truth #25: We are worthy of Christ's love.
I've heard it said that Christ wouldn't have died for us were we not worthy. This is such an enormous misunderstanding! Scripture says we are not worthy of our salvation. If we were worthy, that would mean we earned it. These links explain more:
Who's Worthy?
Why Does He Love Us?

Half-truth #26: God expects us to be positive about other faiths and lifestyles.
Tolerance and acceptance are two very different things. These links explain more:
What is Godly Tolerance?
Tolerance Isn't Approval or Agreement

Half-truth #27: If we raise our children properly, God guarantees they will become godly adults.
If Proverbs were promises, all Christians would be rich and live long lives. We must use Proverbs as it is described in Scripture. These links explain more:
A Proverbial Mistake
Errors Some Christians Believe: Proverbs 22:6
Giving Parents too Much Credit or Blame

Half-truth #28: Homosexuals, transgenders, and sexually active singles can be genuine believers without changing their lifestyle.
In order to believe this, we must deny clear teachings in Scripture and we must hate people enough to let them walk to their eternal destruction without warning. These links explain more:
How Much Can a Christian Sin?
Do Good Christians Live Sinful Lifestyles?
I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel
Sexual Purity Matters
What the Bible Teaches About Transgenderism
What Scripture Says About Sex Outside of Marriage
False Teachings About Sodom and Gomorrah

More Half-Truths Many Christians Believe (#25-28)

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