Half-Truths Many Christians Believe (#17-20)

Half-Truths Many Christians Believe (#17-20)

This is part 5 in the series "Half-Truths Many Christians Believe."

Half-truth #17: I only need to honor parents who are worthy of honor.

It's a command with no age limit and no exceptions, a command with a promise attached.  Yet many Christians disregard, marginalize, and disrespect their parents. Why? Because they don't understand the meaning of honor and they don't believe God when He promises to bless those who obey.

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Half-truth #18: God's love is unconditional.

Satan is always happy to mislead people. No wonder the word "unconditional" has become the most popular description of God's love even though it's not found in Scripture and is responsible for many misunderstandings. God's love is eternal, incredible, unbelievable, merciful, awesome, perfect, undeserved, and conditional. Describing God's love as unconditional lowers the beauty and perfection of His love. 

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Half-truth #19: God literally forgets my sins when He forgives them.

In the legal sense, God "forgets" our sins (i.e. no longer counts them against us). But He does not forget them in the literal sense. We need to quit confusing figurative poetic language with literal truths. If you don't believe in a flat earth, then you shouldn't believe God literally forgets your sins. And you shouldn't even hope that God forgets your sins in a literal sense. That would make Him less able to help you and no longer all-knowing.

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Half-truth #20: We shouldn't talk about Hell with unbelievers.

Let's take our cues from Jesus. This link explains why:
Is it Necessary to Mention Hell When Sharing the Gospel? 

Half-Truths Many Christians Believe (#17-20)

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