Preparing Our Hearts to Overflow With Thanksgiving

I realize not all of my readers are Americans who celebrate Thanksgiving. But there are some wonderful "God stories" and Scriptural truths in both the holiday and in the Biblical concept of thanksgiving. 

So today, as I enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with my family and friends, I offer you some 1-minute devotions from the archives that deal with Thanksgiving and Thankfulness.  You can choose to read one or all, and I pray they will give you a more thankful heart. That's what I'm praying for myself.

Let's Take Back Thanksgiving -
Maintaining the right attitude toward this special holiday.

5 Kernels of Corn -
My favorite story about Thanksgiving faith and gratitude.

Grammy, I Don't Love You Anymore -
God used my granddaughter to teach me about my relationship with Him.

When God Talks Turkey -
Since Thanksgiving is a time for turkey, it made me think of the phrase "talkin' turkey."

Thanksgiving Leftovers -
A spiritual truth worth remembering when we dig into those Thanksgiving leftovers.

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