Unpleasant, Unpopular, Loving

Unpleasant, Unpopular, Loving  and Why Samuel was such a godly prophet

Samuel was only a boy* when God began speaking to him in an audible voice (1 Samuel 3). 

God told the boy Samuel that he would punish his guardian, the elderly priest Eli, because Eli had allowed his sons to blaspheme God. 

Samuel delivered God's message accurately to Eli even though it was condemning (v.15-18).

This first message was representative of many others Samuel would deliver for God. It was unpleasant, unpopular and basically ignored. 

But Samuel had a prophet's heart. He not only transmitted hard truths, he prayed and grieved for his disobedient countrymen. 

For example, when King Saul made a mockery of God's commands, Samuel delivered a final judgment against Saul (1 Samuel 15:22-23), but Samuel grieved for Saul the rest of his life (15:35). 

If God has called you to share hard truths, share them like Samuel, boldly and accurately but with compassion and sorrow for the disobedient. 

If you're offended by hard truths, repent and listen. They are God's loving warnings. 
* According to her promise, Hannah, gave Samuel to God's service when he was weaned. Most commentators agree this is does not mean weaned from breast milk, but a spiritual weaning. That is, after she had taught him about the Lord. Bible scholars disagree about the actual age he started serving in the temple, but it appears to be between 5-10 years of age. 

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Unpleasant, Unpopular, Loving  and Why Samuel was such a godly prophet

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