Only 4%

Only 4% of Christians came to the Lord after age 30, older converts
Studies show that 86% of Christians came to Christ before 14, 10% Between ages 15-30, and only 4% after 30 (source).

I knew these statistics when I felt the Lord prompt me to share Christ with my 88-year-old aunt. 

Even though she always went to church, she was a difficult person, and not afraid to cut you to the quick if she didn't like something you said. 

What would she think if I suggested she'd never accepted Christ?

But I felt God prompt me, so I obeyed, and I was more shocked than anyone when she admitted she'd never asked Christ to be her Lord and wanted to pray with me.

And she genuinely changed that day. Jesus made her kinder for her few remaining years of life. 

I shared this story with my granddaughter the other day, and she said I needed to write about it so we'd all be braver about sharing the Gospel.

She's right. Let's not let statistics stop us.

Do you have a salvation story that "beat the odds?" I'd love to have you share it in a comment.

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