Decaf Devotions

Caffeine Christians, Decaf Christians, Hebrews 10:1-2
Caffeine after 6pm keeps me up. That's because it's a stimulant which means it "arouses or accelerates physiological or organic activity."

I often read daily devotions by classic Christian authors but recently I decided to try a few new authors. 

Afterwards, I realized that Tozer, Spurgeon, and Chambers were like "caffeine," waking me up spiritually. 

But some of the new authors were "decaf." They didn't mention sin or personal responsibility or the awesome nature of God. Instead they focused on personal fulfillment, self-esteem, and an affectionate god whose love lacked substance and principle.

Decaf teaching is popular but it lulls us into spiritual sleep. 

Caffeine teaching, on the other hand, stimulates our love for Christ, making us alert to ways we can walk more closely to the Lord.

Before or after 6pm, I recommend caffeinated Christianity!

"let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds" Hebrews 10:24. 


  1. Oh, this is so true!
    What do they call, this type of teaching, "feel good"?
    We are sinners and we will go to Hell if we don't repent.
    The Ten Commandments aren't suggestions.
    (I could go on and on but won't)

    Whew, this post is "caffeinated Christianity"!

    1. Amen! Your last line made me smile : )
      Have a blessed "caffeinated" day, Christine.
      Gail : )

    2. "The Ten Commandments aren't suggestions" -love that!

  2. Oh I agree! Once our minster brought a re-bounder (mini trampoline) to church. I'll never forget . . . him hopping up on it and starting to bounce up and down. He referred it to us exercising our spirits. That if we wanted a healthy spirit it needed to be exercised daily . . . by reading the word . . . by singing and praising the Lord . . . by listening to praise radio or tapes. I don't want to be lulled to sleep, but fully caffeinated and ready to run a good race :)

    1. What a great visual aid. I love it! So true too.
      Gail :)

  3. I'm a decaf drinker but I'm all for caffeinated Christianity!

  4. So true! I so very much miss the teachings of substance..the 'meat'. Milk is good, but I need more in my diet. :)

  5. Right on! Desire the true meat of the Word!


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