He Developed a Curriculum of Survival While in Prison - Father Placid

Father Placid's Curriculum of Survival

When the Hungarian Priest, Father Placid, was imprisoned in Russia, He became a pastor to the other prisoners...

"Communism set out to destroy me, but Communism is gone, and I am still here!” ~ Father Placid. 

Several years ago, I met Father Placid, a 95-year-old Hungarian priest. 

I was immediately captured by his cheerful countenance, animated gestures, and frequent laughter. You’d never guess that this happy, gentle man had spent 10 years of his life beaten, starved, and forced into hard labor in an inhumane Siberian prison camp. 

His crime: outspoken love for God and man.

Father Placid's Curriculum of Survival
When Father Placid realized God wanted him to encourage his fellow prisoners, he developed a "Curriculum of Survival":

1. Don't complain. It makes things worse.   Philippians 2:14-16
2. Find reasons to rejoice (an extra piece of potato in your thin soup; a guard who doesn’t make you remove your hat in the icy wind).   Philippians 4:4-9
3. Remember you're never alone. Jesus is with you.   Hebrews 13:5
4. Show the guards you're different because of your faith.  Matthew 5:16

These principles can help us think and act like Christians whatever our circumstances, freeing us from all types of "prisons."

Thank-you, Father Placid!

Update: In 2017, Father Placid met the Lord face-to-face. He was 100 years old.
Father Placid Turns 100
Father Placid Passes

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  1. Hi Gail, I want to thank you for writing these devotions. They have been so helpful to me since I have discovered them in 2015. Quick question for you - was a book ever written on Father Placid's story? I would love to read more if there is anything out there. His story is an encouragement. Best, Jess M. Houston, TX

    1. Hi Jess.
      Yes, there is a book, but I'm sorry to say it is written in Hungarian, not in English. Like you, I would love to read it but I can't.


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