Every Man Longs for a "Happily Ever After" - It's Written On Our Hearts - Romans 2:14-16

All fiction has a happily ever after ending, all fiction has a sense of cosmic justic, God-shaped vaccum, God-shaped void
"It is clear that in almost all fictional worlds, God exists, whether the stories are written by people of religious, atheist or indeterminate beliefs." Nury Vittachi

Have you ever noticed that we like stories with moral justice? Popular fiction may not mention God, but it typically involves a form of "cosmic justice." 

Children's books always end with good people being rewarded and bad people being punished. Adult stories are more complex, but the more popular fiction resolves in ways that satisfy our inner sense of justice.

Whenever an unbeliever behaves morally, writes of justice, or shows genuine concern for injustice, he's testifying to God's existence (Romans 2:14-16).

Good values aren't the natural product of evolution. They testify to our need and our longing for a good and just God.

Each of us is writing our story, and, if we know Jesus, we know our story ends well. Every man longs for a "happily ever after" conclusion, and this is another proof of the God-shaped vacuum in our souls.

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